Selected Publications


M. Andrés Blanco, David B. Sykes, Lei Gu, Mengjun Wu, Ricardo Petroni, Rahul Karnik, Mathias Wawer, Joshua Rico, Haitao Li, William D. Jacobus, Ashwini Jambhekar, Sihem Cheloufi, Alexander Meissner, Konrad Hochedlinger, David T. Scadden, Yang Shi. Chromatin state barriers enforce an irreversible mammalian cell fate decision. BioRxiv [Preprint] 10.1101/2021.05.12.443709

Franklin R, Murn J and Cheloufi S (2021) Cell Fate Decisions in the Wake of Histone H3 Deposition. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 9:654915.

doi: 10.3389/fcell.2021.654915

Shi, J., Y. Zhang, D. Tan, X. Zhang, M. Yan, Y. Zhang, R. Franklin, M. Shahbazi, K. Mackinlay, S. Liu, B. Kuhle, E. R. James, L. Zhang, Y. Qu, Q. Zhai, W. Zhao, L. Zhao, C. Zhou, W. Gu, J. Murn, J. Guo, D. T. Carrell, Y. Wang, X. Chen, B. R. Cairns, X. L. Yang, P. Schimmel, M. Zernicka-Goetz, S. Cheloufi, Y. Zhang, T. Zhou, and Q. Chen. "Pandora-Seq Expands the Repertoire of Regulatory Small Rnas by Overcoming Rna Modifications." Nat Cell Biol  (Apr 5 2021).


Guo, Y., Ji, F., Murn, J., Frankhouser. D., Blanco, M.A., Chiem, C., Jang, M., Sadreyev, R., Rockne, R.C., Sykes, D. B., Hochedlinger, K., Cheloufi, S. (2020). CAF-1 Histone Chaperone is a Repressor of Mixed Lineages in Myeloid Progenitors. BioRxiv [Preprint]



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Li, Y., M. Basavappa, J. Lu, S. Dong, D. A. Cronkite, J. T. Prior, H. C. Reinecker, et al. "Induction and Suppression of Antiviral Rna Interference by Influenza a Virus in Mammalian Cells." Nat Microbiol 2 (Dec 5 2016): 16250.


Cheloufi, S., U. Elling, B. Hopfgartner, Y. L. Jung, J. Murn, M. Ninova, M. Hubmann, et al. "The Histone Chaperone Caf-1 Safeguards Somatic Cell Identity." Nature 528, no. 7581 (Dec 10 2015): 218-24.

Murn, J., K. Zarnack, Y. J. Yang, O. Durak, E. A. Murphy, S. Cheloufi, D. M. Gonzalez, et al. "Control of a Neuronal Morphology Program by an Rna-Binding Zinc Finger Protein, Unkempt." Genes Dev 29, no. 5 (Mar 1 2015): 501-12.


Van Stry, M., T. H. Oguin, 3rd, S. Cheloufi, P. Vogel, M. Watanabe, M. R. Pillai, P. Dash, et al. "Enhanced Susceptibility of Ago1/3 Double-Null Mice to Influenza a Virus Infection." J Virol 86, no. 8 (Apr 2012): 4151-7.

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Karginov, F. V., S. Cheloufi, M. M. Chong, A. Stark, A. D. Smith, and G. J. Hannon. "Diverse Endonucleolytic Cleavage Sites in the Mammalian Transcriptome Depend Upon Micrornas, Drosha, and Additional Nucleases." Mol Cell 38, no. 6 (Jun 25 2010): 781-8.

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