Principal Investigator

Sihem earned her Ph.D. working at Cold Spring Harbor labs on microRNAs. She then moved to Massachusetts General Hospital for her postdoctoral training where she worked on cellular reprogramming and chromatin regulation. When not in the lab Sihem is a mother of two young girls and enjoys cooking and exploring nature.

Graduate Student, CMDB Program

Reuben earned his BS degree in Biology at CSU Bakersfield while wrestling at the Division I level. Post graduation, Reuben spent some time working as a Winery Lab Technician before joining our lab to investigate how histone chaperones maintain stem and progenitor cell identity. Outside of research, Reuben enjoys coaching (both on the mat and in the lab) and outdoor activities.

Meijuan Chen


Meijuan earned her master degree in plant pathology from Huazhong Agriculture University in China. She then worked as a research assistant in Center of life science and technology in China focus on resistance genes against Magnaporthe oryzae in rice. Meijuan spent some time working as a volunteer in Professor Shouwei-Ding lab before joining in our lab to investigate the role of small non-coding RNAs in cellular plasticity. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and watching movies.

Ho Jung Jeong

Junior Specialist

Ho Jung Jeong graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Microbial Biology. Before joining our lab, he worked in Dr. Lewis’s plant pathology lab investigating plant-microbe interactions and building an imaging device to track plant hypersensitive response. Ho Jung's project int he lab focuses on heterochromatin regulation. Outside the lab, he likes reading history and playing instruments.